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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by estra, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. estra


    Hello everyone :)

    This is my first post!
    I am reading "The trading game" by Ryan Jones, and it seems that although it is an old book, written decades ago, some of the principle mentioned still apply.

    Definitely the necessity of Money Management is one of them.
    What I would like to ask is if anyone of you has any suggestions for Money Management Software (MMS). Could someone direct me towards a site, book, or company to start my research on Money Management software.

    Is anyone against the purchase or the use of MMS, and why?

    Please note that I am a small trader, very new to this "trading game". So please limit your proposals to MMS that is less than $300.

    Thank you in advance all :)
  2. Here is some software...free version available. I have used it with some Tradestation strategies and it worked well.

  3. estra


    Thank you for the reply :)
    Does it support strategies that keep overnight?
  4. rickty



    The Ryan Jones' book was quite instrumental in me fully appreciating the value of good position sizing. While Jones advocates the use of his Fixed Ratio approach, I think you'll find that Fixed Fractional is a better proposition, in general. I've used the Adaptrade software and I can recommend it. It will show you the different results when using fixed ratio and fixed fractional. The software also has a "generalized" fixed ratio position sizing scheme.


  5. hs6932


    why did you used rina Money Management 7.0 version.it is ok.
    I have it as well and drop me a mail pls.