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    I studied markets for 7 years. I am a breakeven trader with temperament suited for swing trading (futures). I read many books (Toby Crabel, LBR, Tharp, Douglas and others) and followed ET for a while. My emotions are in check and I am not stubborn, at lest thats my perception. Tried mechanical and discretionary approaches, giving good time to each (more to mechanical). I have 1 simple system (marginally profitable) which can be used as framework, if needed.

    Still I know sh*t about markets, except that they are very fluid and changing. I know how to flow from my background in martial arts: you flow from lock to lock, not using force against force. Yet, flowing with the market is harder, patterns keep constantly changing, at least my perception of patterns. Perhaps my price action reading skills need improvement.


    I have never really SEEN pro trader trade. Why be so arrogant and depend on books and yourself only? It least I should explore this approach.


    My humble attention and good attitude. Once profitable, % of winnings, any agreements are accepted as long as I make money. The more I make the more I am willing to give back, geometrically. I will keep my word.


    I have put my share of blood and sweat and late nights looking at charts. I am still not there. Not really willing to give up, but I have sobered up quite a bit. I am successful in other areas and can make 100K programming, but thats not where my heart is. I would be content with making smaller $ trading initially. It was all about big $$ when I started, now I just want to make it there.


    I am in Seattle area, Portland and Vancouver, BC would work as well. I may travel, but being close to home is better.

    Well, here it is gentleman. Look forward to constructive replies...
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  3. :eek:
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    Surdo, no need to bet. I read his thread and created my own. There are many duplicate threads outthere. Not very original, yes. But true.

    If you really want to bet, I am up for it.
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    why did you choose to misquote me?

    I am not asking for a turn-key system. I am looking to observe/learn a skill. And if successful, give back. Normal behavior. If that does not work for you, I can understand that. But it just may work for someonelse.

    I thought about putting a disclaimer for negativity, but gave a credit to ET community. First 4 replies are sharp as a clockwork - negative:)

    So if some of you feel superior to me, why waiste your precious time here? Go chill in your penthouse with that hot chick....
  6. I'm sorry. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.
  7. I have a few questions:

    1. Can you elaborate on why you think you're not profitable yet?

    2. Why not join a prop. firm around your area?

    3. Can you tell me your current trading setup? Like # of computers, screens, software, broker, products (equities, futures, forex, etc.) you trade with.

    4. What technical skills do you currently have? Programming? Math? Computer Science?

    5. What technical skill would you acquire to make your trading better?

    6. Final question. You mention, you go through charts... What are you "objectively" trying to acquire through doing so? What's the point of doing so? (No psychological stuff... objectively) If patterns, please elaborate on what a pattern is... (I "look" at internet porn but that doesn't get me laid...)

    Let's start here...

    (Don't PM me... I don't like PMs)
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    Common, why such bitterness and aggravation? Again. NOT LOOKING FOR TURN_KEY SYSTEM, NO ONE WILL SHARE IT. Looking for skill. If this offends you, don't read the thread.

    How much money can I give upfront? Some, which may be not enough for someone and plenty for another. But that miniscule compared to a contract where I would share profits for years. So, I am offering SOMETHING.

    Now, I make low six figures already being in software industry, so no need to enroll in community college. The fact that you suggested it tells me that you did not even read my post fully.
  9. TSGannGalt has questions worth answering. Some others:

    1) How much time will you commit to trading?

    2) How much money do you have to devote to trading?

    (The answer to both of those questions doesn't need to be "infinite", but it should be understood whether you have $5k and can devote one hour a month, or $100k and can devote 4 hours per day).

    3) What do you like to trade? Commodities? Financials? Equity Futures? Options? Equities? Why?

    4) What timeframe do you like trading on? Tick? 5 minute? Daily? Weekly? Why?

    5) What are your trading goals? What kind of return are you looking for, and how quickly?

    6) Do you prefer discretionary trading, or automated?
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    I like very much :

    - FREE - OptionsXpress, for the information provided
    (historicals quotes on options contract, shares)

    - TD Ameritrade, for the advanced tools, "Streamer" and co...
    exiting live java charts

    - Crown Forex for the platform

    - FREE - MB Trading for futures , the datas, fast and free platform

    - Ninja Trader for the scale-out-orders strategy (with MB Trading)

    - Button trader for the same reason with IB

    - FREE - IGIndek.co.uk for the free live real-time Futures charts

    - LINKCITY Belgium (Link farm), tutorials and greeks, ishares, ivolatility and co...

    - SOLAR ASBL Belgium, for the FRENCH courses (I gives)

    - And the VIX because it never fall below 10, Right?

    - And the VX future for trading the VIB (ten time the VIX more premium)

    - FREE - Quote tracker, free connection to my accounts and charts
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