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  1. I need a trading mentor, please hit me up on aim at : TradingBillions thank you
  2. LOL.
    So, is every other newbie. Ease money huh? Learn million of hours of market secrets from the best at no price? Right.

    Well, good luck. And I mean it. But, I wouldn't waste my time with that and invest some time and money into books, journals, magazines, charting software, backtesting software, etc...etc..
  3. well your not so nice, but hey, there will be someone nicer that will help me.. believe me :)
  4. I am not trying to be rude. Sorry, for the misunderstanding. But, there have been dozens of other with the same request as you have. Unfortunatly they did not obtain a mentor. Plus, it is not to easy to obtain/get in touch with one either way.

    Piece of a advise. Do you read SFO, futures, stock and Commodities,etc.
    They usually have email addresses of contributing writers. Try to give a shot to them. Hope I helped, Cheers.
  5. Hello:

    I am a professional looking for a hunchback, hare-lipped, semi-literate, walking dildo who wants to learn how to trade. Judging by your posts, I am sure YOU are an ideal candidate.

    In return for cleaning my toilettes on a daily basis, I will let you watch from a respectful distance (while I shave). If after a few months if you have done an acceptable job, I will THEN let you watch from the parking lot as I trade (you will need to bring me coffee). If after another 6 months or so, if you have not screwed up, I may decide to let you watch me trade from the hallway outside my trading room (you will be promoted to walking my dog and picking up his shit). If after another year, you have not been shot in the head or dismissed for embezzlement, I may let you in my office. At that time you may kneel in the corner and watch (quietly). I may find it necessary to discipline you with a riding crop I keep on my desk. If you do good work for another 3-5 years I may allow you to ask one (1) question about trading.

    Before we begin you will have to pass a rigorous screening process.

    PM me.

  6. The mentor will appear when you're ready. You're not ready yet.
  7. Interesting thought from a person who believes no one can make money in the markets.
  8. The Market is the only mentor and the Market is but a reflection of yourself. Thus, you must find the mentor within yourself.

    Gawd, all the thoughts that I express here.. someone can put them into a book and I bet they would be able to sell it for millions.

    Say what steve?
  9. i said NOBODY else can make any money, with the amount of money I am making. Where would all these moneys come from?
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