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    Hi everybody,

    I trade (or try to trade) for very very long time now. Now I am a breakeventrader.  I guess I need help to become a successful-fulltimetrader.
    So I am looking for a mentor, who has a proven successful track record (at least 5 years Track record)!

    Is here somebody, who could help me?
    I am a very hard working guy and I am willing to become succesful!
    But I guess I need your help!

    I want to trade the eur/usd, usd/jpy and eurgbp forex , and also the e-mini!

    My problem is, I don;t have a proven method. My method has to low hit ratio and the risk reward are not big enough. lets say I have a hitratio of 38%, my risk reward is around maybe 2.20 : 1.

    Ok, after series of trades I have a profitable equity curve, but it is not good enouhh for me. For axample I have many manny small losses and some very big winners, which make the money. But I prefer high hit ratio, lets say 60% winner and 40% loser, risk reward 1:1.

    And I am looking for a method which works on many many markets and timeframes.
    Because if a method works on many markets and timeframes, it is a robust method!
    I have had a method which works very good on the e-mini long time ago. But it didn't work on other markets. than the markets change and I loss much money, which I never get back with that method.

    So I think that method wasn't robust! That is why I am looking for
    a consistently successful trading method, which could making profits from the markets on a regular basis

    thank you very much!
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    If you trade multiple market, 2 years track record is enough!
  3. You're so special that you deserve a "robust method"... you're psychology reaks of of "I'm about the blow up" "I blew up" "I can't handle volatility" "where is this Market going" "where have I been?" "When can I get off this ride"... Like you really think an accurate, systematic method to make money from the Markets is going to fall into you're lap? Get over yourself.
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    Sorry, I don't understand you.

    Could you explain a little more detail?