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  1. I am looking for a mentor that is interested in helping an aspiring trader reach his goals. Before i get flooded with PM's for some advisory mentorship that will cost me money know that I dont even have enough for a second trading stake yet.

    In particular looking to chat with people that are knowledgeable about

    Technical Analysis
    Money Management
    ES/NQ day trading
    System design

    Using the ET forums are a little slow for me I really prefer to use AIM or skype or even better a program with a whiteboard and screen sharing.
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    ...and what will you bring to table.
  4. I am eager to learn and make money doing what i love to do. I am willing to do absolutely whatever it takes to be sucessful in this business because I love the markets.

    I am honest, dedicated, hard working, patient. I know there is probably a experienced trader out there that is ok mentoring an aspiring trader but i realize they must selective and cant let mentor everyone and cant take everyone serious.
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    Noticed your post is full of "I's, meaning it's basically "me, me, me". As the previous poster asked - what will your mentor receive in return from you aside from your desire to learn for free?
  6. I do not have any special skills to offer, nor years of experience in any field. My mentor would gain a lifelong friend and the satisfaction of knowing that they changed someones life. They would be able to realize that they gave a little bit back to the world for all their sucess. Here I sit at the computer trying to compose this message only to find myself deleting a line after I write it.

    Sure it may sound like i am looking for something for nothing, if someone were to take there time to help me of course it would be my pleasure to give them whatever they saught in return.
  7. I need a friend but i am not a mentor what else can you offer me(just kidding) . Buddy no one is going to teach you for free what it cost them thousands to learn. This is an expensive proffession to learn. Its not a get rich quick method.
  8. So what do Richard Dennis, William Eckhard, Victor Sperandeo, Linda Bradford Rasche, Ed Seykota, and Michael Marcus all have in common. They were all featured in Jack Schwagers famous Market Wizards books, but also they all offered to teach aspiring traders the most notable being Richard Dennis and William Eckhardts "Turtle" trader program. They all did this in return for nothing.

    Why do people on this board have to be so arrogant to others. I can tell who is a sucessful trader just based on how people respond to others. I dont find it a coincidence that the nice people are often the winners and the more harsh arrogant people the losers.
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    That's a great attitude to have in looking for a mentor. Keep it up.
  10. You have to pay your dues like everyone else . They are no short cuts.
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