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  1. I miss his posts about trader's life in the US penetentiary system. I wonder what happened to him....
    I hope he is alright....
  2. I understand Jeffrey Daumer was a witty conversationalist too.

    What kind of folks are we, that we can't look past a few murders and a few instances of cannibalism? I think we need to be more tolerant as a society...

    I really miss him (sigh)

  3. I hear that guy Zarqawi was a neat guy too.

    Really a shame that we accidentally rocket bombed the building that he was in recently. I understand that he was a good poker player and liked italian food.

    You know it is just too bad that we couldn't overlook a few beheadings and bomb explosions. I mean really, what the hell, everyone makes a mistake. Who among us hasn't beheaded a few folks or planted a bomb or two in anger? Raise your hands, you know you've been there....

    I miss that guy...

  4. One more thing.

    Saddam's sons were killed a while back, and I think thats a shame.

    I realize they were into some torturing and persecution of the population, and sure they may have been psychotic murderers, but hey, I am sure they were greatly misunderstood.

    I hear for instance that they were hypoglycemic. We all know how irritable a person can get when they don't eat a good breakfast.

    Its a shame that we couldn't look the other way. What kind of people are we that we can't overlook a few chainsaw amputations?

    Those guys should have had their own TV sitcom.

    I miss those crazy guys.
  5. LOL, you're killing me...

    but you forgot to mention martha stewart. sure, she didn't eat or kill anyone, but if you look at her long enough you'll turn to stone.

  6. Yes I certainly agree. Who here hasn't been captivated by Martha Stewart and her pleasant demeanor? We need more folks like her on the planet.

    Speaking of pleasant personalities, I miss Hannibal Lechter. I mean really that guy had a real intellect and except for his taste in clothes, I have to say watching the game with that guy was always a lot of fun.

    I realize that some will comment on the little things like the decapitations or the time he ate that guy's liver, but hey who among us hasn't been tempted to try a little human liver with fava beans? Again people need to ask what is really important.

    The guy kept his lawn mowed and his wife never complained. Of course she didn't have a tongue (but hey everyone has their deficits). Anyway, I miss that crazy dude.

  7. Don't get me started on Son of Sam. That dude was a riot
    Real excellent sense of humor.

    I loved the part where he would look at his dog and ask "What do you want me to do now Master"? A real laff riot.

    I realize he killed a few folks, couple of hookers and such, but really other than that he was just a real nice jewish guy living at home with his mom. What more could you ask?

    Well I guess its our loss.

  8. what about the man that started it all -- adolf?

    sure, he might've slipped up a few times, but i think he was mostly lost in translation. a genuinely nice guy all around; always willing to cheer you up.

    poor bastard...
  9. Another misunderstood guy.

    Before my time to be sure but I think he just needed people to treat him like one of the guys. For example;

    Door bell rings

    "Hey Adolf, whats shaking bud? Yeah okay, Heil Hitler, world domination and all that crap. Get in here you freak. Whats with the boots and the riding crop? Don't get those things on my coffee table. Hey while you are up, go into the fridge and get me a beer. No, my moms italian. Nope, no jewish relatives that I know of anyway. Hey how's your mom?"

    "You know dude, you need to shave that mustache and try a different hair stylist?

    See how easy it is?

    I think the guy would have been just fine providing he had a little counseling for the gas chamber thing. Maybe some community service.

    Anyway thats my take on it.