Looking for longs...not seeing them

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dac8555, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    I scan for stocks every day...normally i can find som decent long set ups....now t is looking like all the setups are bearish.

    Overbought...double tops, heand and shoulders, stalling neear a top..top of trend chanel and stalling etc.

    are you thinking what i am thinking?

  2. KS96


    There is no such a thing as an "overbought".
  3. if you are thinking about maria sharipova covered in green jello... then yes... we are thinking about the same thing....
  4. dac8555


    yes, as a matter of fact, yes there is. it IS a realtive term and it is not certain...as nothing is certain....but overbought conditions do exist..as to why such indicators exists like bollengeer bands, RSI, Will%R and trend channels.
  5. I believe I am getting the same "feel" as you are, but I am ignoring it. When my key indicators turn south I am out of the market, but right now everything is still GO!!!
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