Looking for live-time tech system

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bear16, May 12, 2003.

  1. bear16


    Help!!!! I am currently using prophet.net....large number of technical analysis functions. However, the system goes down at least once a day. Can anyone recommend a good tech analysis website that is more dependable?
  2. gms


    They all go down. It's amazing to me that these companies put themselves out there and then don't back themselves up with the resources they need for the amount of hits they get.

  3. Andre


    Bear, not sure what you trade, but you might want to check out our chat coming up tomorrow with our sponsor, TickQuest.

    TickQuest designs and produces advanced analytical software satisfying the needs of professional investors and offering innovative technology to improve their edge in trading.

    They're going to be presenting on two specific topics: daytrading stocks using quote windows with formulas, multiple time frame charting, etc. and daytrading eminis using NeoTicker's unique Trend Explorer ES together with multiple time frame charting.

    You can of course, always ask questions during the follow up at the end of the presentation.