Looking for John Carter's (TTM) Indicators for eSignal

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    Just wondering if anyone has John Carter's indicators for eSignal -- I have them for Tradestation.

    Thanks :)
  2. 4XIS4U


    Anyone please? :)
  3. the TTM is BASICALLY just a heikin-ashi candle technique

    which is free in most charting packages
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    Those indicators are uniquely protected (user specific); therefore, you would have to purchase them directly from TTM.
  5. and I have been wondering if John Carter knows how to trade - has anyone seen his track record ?
  6. notouch


    That's not true, he makes no secret about the formula for his indicators. It's just Keltner Bands going inside Bollinger Bands and then breaking out in the direction of Momentum or some such nonsense. The information is freely available if you search for it.
  7. Oh for fuck's sakes, (and I have posted the link to some of these before) most of these indicators were "borrowed" from the TS forums, rebadged and offered at ridiculous prices to the unsuspecting... If you have paid the ask for these, then Sorry, but you've been had big time... and they should be very relatively easy to convert to ES from TS...

    PS. Any PMs requesting these in-duh-cators shall be redirected to /dev/null
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    I'm referring to TTM's actual indicators not the knock offs you can find at various forums.

  9. I believe you will find that the TTM in-duh-cators are the "knockoffs" from various sites as you put it.

    Take for example the "Squeeze", it is nothing more than the one of the variants of the NickMNxtMove indicator ifrom the TS forums.

    https://www.tradestation.com/Discus...14439&SearchTerm=NickMNxtMove &txtExactMatch=

    of course if you so choose to pay for something that is free...
  10. Enjoy...

    //Updated by TradingDude, fixed "division by zero error"

    {Updated by Redlock}
    Well, I have been working in this indicator. I have made a couple of changes:
    (1) that if the momentum changes direction, it changes color.
    (2) I have taken out the plotting of the alertline
    (3) have the dots plotted along the axis
    (4) Have changed the name of the indicator to BBSqueeze (cuts down on confusion).

    I think that you will find that it resembles what is on the TTM indicator.}

    {mmillar, 05/12/2005
    For anyone interested I made a small change to the indicator(s) above.
    I found that the indicator displayed fine for ES, YM etc but screwed up for FX -
    this is due to the number of decimal places used by the symbol.
    I just added a multiplier so the indicator is normalised across all symbols.

    Add the following lines...
    Vars: LHMult(0);
    if ( barnumber=1 ) then Begin

    And modify the following line so that it includes the LHMult variable...

    Plot3(value2*LHMult, "NickmNxtMove", color);


    { Bolinger Band Squeeze (BBS) Indicator }

    { A variation of an idea by nickm001 (Originally coded by eKam) that when Bollinger Bands (BB) fit inside
    the Keltner Channel (KC), a breakout is about to occur. It works on longer term charts, such as
    15 minute to daily charts.

    This code creates an indicator that plots the ratio of BB width to KC width. When BB and KC widths are
    the same, the ratio (BBS_Ind)is equal to one (1). When the BB width is less than the KC Width (i.e. BB
    fit inside KC), the BBS_Ind is less than one and a breakout is indicated.

    An Alert Line is provided to indicate the level at which the trader considers that the "sqeeze is on" and
    a breakout is eminant.

    Coded by Kahuna 9/10/2003

    Added by eKam: 9/10/2003
    The average of where price has been relative to the Donchian mid line and Exponential average of the
    same length is also plotted as an attempt to predict the direction of the breakout.

    Added 2/1/2005 For decreasing Delta bar....darker colors to highlight the change.}

    Inputs: {------------------------------------------------}
    Length(20), { Length for Average True Range (ATR) & Std. Deviation (SD) Calcs }
    nK(1.5), { Keltner Channel ATRs from Average }
    nBB(2), { Bollinger Band Std. Devs. from Average }
    AlertLine( 1 ), { BBS_Index level at which to issue alerts }
    NormalColor( Red ), { Normal color for BBS_Ind }
    AlertlColor( Blue ); { Color for BBS_Ind below alert line }

    Variables: {---------------------------------------------}
    ATR(0), { Average True Range }
    SDev(0), { Standard Deviation }
    BBS_Ind(0), { Bollinger Band Squeeze Indicator }

    if ( barnumber=1 ) then
    If minmove <> 0 then
    LHMult = pricescale/minmove;

    if barnumber = 1 and alertTextID = -1 then
    alertTextID = Text_New(date,time,0,"dummy");

    {-- Calculate BB Squeeze Indicator ----------------------}
    ATR = AvgTrueRange(Length);
    SDev = StandardDev(Price, Length, 1);

    Denom = (nK*ATR);
    If Denom <> 0 then
    BBS_Ind = (nBB * SDev) /Denom;

    If BBS_Ind < Alertline then
    SetPlotColor(1, NormalColor)
    SetPlotColor(1, AlertlColor);

    {-- Plot the Index & Alert Line -------------------------}
    Plot1(0, "BBS_Ind");

    {-- Plot delta of price from Donchian mid line ----------}
    value2 = LinearRegValue(price-((Highest(H, Length)+Lowest(L, Length))/2
    + xAverage(c,Length))/2,Length,0);

    var:color(0); color = yellow;

    if value2 > 0 then
    if value2 > value2[1] then
    color = green
    color = darkgreen;

    if value2 < 0 then
    if value2 < value2[1] then color = red
    color = darkred;

    Plot3(value2*LHMult, "NickmNxtMove", color);
    {plot3(value2,"BB Squeeze",color);}

    {-- Issue Alert when the Squeeze is On ------------------}
    if BBS_Ind crosses below AlertLine
    and Text_GetTime(alertTextID) <> time then
    text_setLocation(alertTextID, date, time, 0);
    Alert("BB Squeeze Alert");

    {-- Issue Alert when the Squeeze Releases ---------------}
    if BBS_Ind crosses above AlertLine
    and Text_GetTime(alertTextID) <> time then
    text_setLocation(alertTextID, date, time, 0);
    Alert("BB Squeeze Is Over");
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