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    I have been trading on and off for a few years and have recently been sim trading a system I came up with. I am looking for a way to leave my job and begin slowly trading the account into something larger. I know there are plenty of crooks who scam investors in regards to trading, but I am the real deal.

    I need some way to cover the following. I would prefer someone near Chicago.

    Weekly dependable income.
    Additional risk capital.

    In exchange I will provide a percentage of the return and or teach this system to the investor after a certain amount of time.

    Certainly there is a legal way to go about this.

    You can track and follow my systems progress here eminiholygrail dot blogspot dot com

    The system is just that. It is only as good as the traders speed and discipline.
  2. Let me be the first to say---

    IF YOUR SYSTEM WAS SO GOOD, YOU WOULD TRADE IT YOURSELF. Obviously your system isn't that good b/c you can't fund an account AND you "need dependable weekly income".

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    Dude, he said he was the real deal. What more do you want?
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    If you personally would walk away from a good job to try and trade for a living, good for you. The system is fantastic, it's the trader that makes it work. 80% is the trader. You don't start out making $1000 a day. Well, maybe you do all the time, you sound really sure of yourself.
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    The account is more than funded for the level I am looking at. Anytime you want to trade head to head let me know. I am fairly sure I will blow your point total out of the water.
  6. Don't do it! He's a wrecking machine. He'll beat you into tomorrow. :D
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    You ought to scale up with those results.

    Try the collective2.com for conventional exposure.

    I suggest you build a track record with a real money account, rather than sim. Investors/traders won't take you serious with a sim.

    There's no reason why you can't trade a real account up quick with results like that. That is, unless psychology and liquidity are a problem.
  8. Been there..
    Built my black box from 2001-2005
    Traded 3 years simulated trading making 1000% yearly.
    No one would give me 1 penny.
    Even did live simulated trading in front of investors. With out real money data you will get laughed at like I did. Even with 6 months data of live money with no losing days and doubling account at Interative Brokers still no luck. You need at least 1 year. I heard the same thing, If so good why don't your trade your own money. So I no what you are going through. Good luck
  9. Are you making 1000% yearly now in the real time? If your trading method is that good you don't need investors, just save and do what you have to do to get the money together. Good luck!
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    You are dumb looking for dumber. Your grammer is poor and you are a liar. If you think somebody is gonna give you a penny risk capital on here either you are mistaken. Why don't you try some other forum or venue full of investing illiterates. People on here know enough about trading to know you are full of it.
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