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    We a currently are a proprietary trading group focused on various trading strategies across multiple markets and asset classes.
    Our traders are focused on developing and deploying various trading algorithms based on multiple variables which are continuously evolving and updated to reflect the dynamic market conditions of today. Moreover, risk management is a top priority at our firm as each individual factor has a significant impact on the firm’s overall strategy.
    We provide traders access to the firm’s capital and a highly competitive institutional fee structure to enable them to maximize trading profits.
    We are currently expanding and looking for investors, partners or a business loan to assist in this process. If you are interested in assisting us in this process please send me a message and I can go over the details with you. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. get real. nobody with any sense is going to give you any money.
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    we are entiled to think what you want we are a legit group trying to start a reg D hedge fund and open a office in China and Brazil so we would like to know if anybody out there would like to join in this process
  4. More detail would be appreciated. I do know where Brazil and China are. They are huge markets. I hope you know that they don't speak Spanish in Brazil, they speak Portuguese there.
  5. Do you live in America or are you located in Nigeria? :D
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    I am innnnnn

    How much do you want????