Looking for investor for my FDAX automated trading system.

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  1. I'm looking for investor for run my automated trading system. I need support for finish research and capital for start it (I estimates investor need 50000 euro capital for start my system).
    Got some results already. System for NINJA TRADER. Best broker is VELOCITY FUTURES.
    Review the results given in NINJA SIMULATION MODE for last trading days enclosed, please. Each small chart is the equity curve for one trading day. System run for 1 lot. (NINJA simulation mode is very strong and execute order when price is over or equal bid/ask depends on order's side). System trades 30-40 times per trading day. I'm estimating that my system can be start for 5-10 lots.
    Please, do not comment my post. If you have interesting send me private message.
  2. Review the 27-31 OCT week NINJA
    FDAX 1 lot trades in simulation mode.

    I like notice for potential investors that with real account I can stated real market simulation more better without risk loss any money by this way (And notice again NINJA SIM mode is strong):

    Investor will open an account and give access to real account.
    I'll fix the system and remove real trade order on dummy order (for example send limit order for enter long position for price less than 1000 points from current price. By default this order can't be executed by exchange, but should be accepted and exchange will send accept event to broker. After order accepted I'll start check if market price over the order price and then accepted order inside the system. It'll allow be similar real market as far as possible.
  3. Are these charts supposed to motivate a person to invest w/ you? If you are going to post some junk, at least make it nice junk.
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    at least show us the results over 5 years