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  1. Was working for a money manager in Jupiter, FL with $125mm in assets under management, left to start my own LLC. I'd rather beg middle market brokers for IPO's, than work for someone else. So far so good. Just looking for a few more brokers at these firms that can hook me up. I have built a good network, but I can never have enough good contacts at firms such as CSFB, Deutsche, Lehman, Goldman, Merrill, etc.
    Was hoping that some hedge funds on this site can give me the names of some brokers that they use, or that they know are good, and that might have access to syndicate. Networking is how I meet these brokers.
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  2. I wouldn't mind finding the same thing too :)
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  3. Does anyone else know of a prime broker with a minimum of less than $500k. All I know is Fiserv, and Penson. I'm sure there are more.
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  4. isn't a little late in the game to be starting up a hedge fund ?

    better to establish a nice audited track record
    while other HF's blow up ?

    good luck ...

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  5. Ebo


    Where did the $5MM go?
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  6. Like you said, $1mm, with $5mm leverage. And I can get more if I want from previous clients, but $5mm is more than enough to trade.
    Whats wrong with trading $5mm, making 10-15%, which is $500k+, and keeping 1/2 for yourself, and 1/2 for the investors who gave you the $1million. That's $250k annually for you.
    It's that simple if you can find investors to give you $1mm, and split profits with them. They must be family/friends to agree to this deal, since it's a low return, but safe strategy.
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    Who would give you a 1/2 and 1/2 split...there are so many funds out there with developed records doing 2/20...even if you did 20% on 2/20 you would make $60,000...
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  8. Like he said, friends and family.

    But, if you want to grow the business and be looked at seriously, my opinion is that the prime broker and the fund administrator makes all the difference in terms of credibility going forward. Try to get up to the min. requirements of an MS, GS, or any of the big guys and switch. As far as fund administration, CITCO is the major player internationally and use a big 3 accounting firm. Of course all of this should come later when the economics make it viable.

    Also, you should have a clearly stated strategy in your OM. All of this will go a LONG ways towards attracting serious capital in the future.

    Best of Luck to your new venture!
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  9. Hi,

    Can hook you up with Man Financial in London if you're interested. Great dealing desks no matter what and from where you trade.

    Give me a PM.


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    You just lost ALL credibility.
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