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  1. Does anyone have any good contacts at Deutsche Bank, CSFB, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, or other big brokerages, investment banks, or institutional broker that I can place my trades with over the phone for my hedge fund?
  2. How big is your hedge fund?
  3. I run a fund, $5 million, looking for a investment bank broker(Deutsche Bank, CSFB, Merrill) to help me with trades, ipo's, research, ideas, etc.
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  5. Gator,

    Let me apoligize in advance if I'm off base, but I just checked out your posts and 7 months ago you were looking for a prop firm that offered training in futures and 2 months ago you were seeking feedback on some sort of IPO flipping scheme backed by someone looking to split half the profits. I guess I just have a hard time believing you have raised $5 million in the meantime.

    However, if I'm wrong about the $5 million, you're looking for what's called "middle market" sales coverage. This is easily obtained if you're "real". Just contact the sales desk at each firm and they can get you in contact with whoever the salesperson is who covers your region. If you're looking for IPO allocations, they'll expect a substantial amount of commission payments (over $20K at least) before you've proved yourself as "real". This would be a bare minimum b/f you get even a single share of an IPO.
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    Middle markets.....lol!
  7. Ebo, St Louis, and Htrader,
    You all gave me incredible info, without BS answers that I see on so many posts. So thanks.
    I was a broker at Smith Barney for 5 years, so raising $5 or even $10 million is no probem at all. I can raise more assets by speaking to past clients, friends, family, colleagues, etc, plus the institutional brokers have offered me capital from the investment bank clients, as long as I continue to produce commissions in excess of $50k per brokerage firm. But I have plenty of capital, plus leverage to work my current strategy.
    In the meantime, I will call brokerages asking for a High Net Worth or Private Wealth Management broker, or a Middle Markets broker. I already have a Prime Broker. My pprime takes a minimum of $500k, as opposed to Bear which wants $5mm, and Citigroup which wants $20mm.
    Was hoping a broker would be on this site that could hook me up, but I guess I'll have to roll up my sleeves and cold call the brokerages.
    Thanks for the info!
  9. "and cold call the brokerages"

    Ohhhh the irony!
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    You are not going to go very far begging for IPO's without friends in the business. I guess you never found a job @ a Hedge Fund in Florida?
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