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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for paper-trading software that doesn't require extensive programming background.

    By "paper-trading", I mean virtual trading or simulated trading, which is after the stage of backtesting using historical data.

    I hope the simulated trading environment to be as close as possible to reality, accounting for transaction costs, slippage, VWAP orders, etc.

    I know market impact is hard to simulate, but if the software takes that into consideration, it would be nice.

    I am currently using TT's simulation environment, but it doesn't have ETFs/ETNs (I couldn't find it).

    Therefore I am looking for another software that can allow me to do such simulation (not necessarily the backtest software such as TradeStation, etc)

    I've also checked with Bloomberg, but they say they don't have such simulation facility.

    I have used InteractiveBrokers, but in order to submit some orders, I need to write complicated programs which I don't really have grasped. I can write lightweight programs, in any language, but not a big project in Java, etc.

    Any pointers to such a simulation software?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. you might want to check out tradelink with IB's papertrade...

    you can send an order in a couple of lines of code, it's free and works with 8 different brokers :

    using TradeLink.API;
    using TradeLink.Framework;
    public class MyResponse : ResponseTemplate
         override void GotTick (Tick k)
               if (k.isTrade)
                   sendorder(new BuyLimit(k.symbol,100,k.trade*.99m));

    tutorials and overviews can be found here :

  3. jprad


    TradeStation added a simulated trading mode which you can trade against a simulated account.