Looking for intraday list of rallying stocks (realtime or neartime)

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    where can I find realtime/neartime intraday list of stocks that are rallying up or down?
    Best would be if one can specify own criteria like pricerange, mktcap etc.

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    Hi, thanks. it looks good.
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    Not using, but check out. There is another recent thread on this
  5. TD Ameritrade. You can program your own realtime scanners.
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    Hey, I know I can program a custom field in a watch list. But I don't know how to program a self-updating watch list. For example, which window can display new daily highs every 1 minute? I can create and re-run scans manually and put result into a watch list, but I'm not aware of ability to create dynamically updating watch-lists. If you know how, please share.
  7. 1) Go to the [Scan] section and then [Stock Hacker]
    2) Set up your criteria here. When you set up your new daily high criteria, set the aggregation period to 'D' for Daily. Look around and experiment
    3) Manually run the scan to check the results
    4) Name the scan and save it
    5) Open up a watchlist window and select that scan to watch. This watchlist updates realtime.
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  8. Sorry. This isn't correct. I have a couple of scans that do update realtime in a watchlist but I discovered, due to this thread, that some of them don't so thanks for that. But as for why certain scans don't update, I do not know.
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    K, thanks. I think it used to work for me some time back as well. I love TOS but they treat it as what it is - a retail platfom. They upgrade often and it's mandatory, so things stop working. I think maybe they try to reduce the amount of data being pumped through, so if you have heavy scan with lots of symbols, they will not update it.