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    I have so many questions, I don't know where to start. I am so use to RT, but I don't like the high commissions with Terra Nova so I have to find an alternative.

    I'm testing Ensign Windows with Esignal data feed, but there are some features of RT that are lacking in Ensign (and Esignal).
    There are 2 functions in RT that Ensign seems to lack. Does anyone know of a charting package which also has functions such as:
    1. Snap chart to window (as oppose to expanded detail). (Same as RT's F7 function key.)
    2. Overlay multiple studies, i.e. MACD and volume and allow data axis to be displayed on right or left of chart. (otherwise dissimilar studies won't display properly.)

    Also in Ensign, it's news window doesn't seem to be able to filter the news based on keywords i.e. 'S&P, Nasdaq, Dow', etc. You can set alerts but thats really kind of useless since you have to search through all the other news stories in the window to find something pertinent to the alert. In RT, you can filter the news service to only display news pertinent to the keywords. And then you can display the story automatically in the bottom half of the news window. (I use this to see the news on the economic data for the morning.)

    I'm also use to the Level 2 display in RT and I'm currently testing J-Trader, which is so completely different that I'm having difficulty looking at it's 'Depth of market' window. Is there any other trading platforms that have a more traditional looking L2 display and shows the market depth for Futures? Also, in RT, on e-mini's they show the bid, ask, shares and number of orders. J-Trader doesn't show the number of orders, only total shares per price level.

    I'm currently planning on using Advance Futures and they only offer J-Trader and X-Trader.

    Any suggestions on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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