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    I'm looking for alternative to my current software Real Tick. Where I can find a review of the main data vendors like Real Tick, esignal, neoticker on the net?

    Thanx in advance
  2. Have you tried the Software section on Elitetrader.com?:)
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    Sure, but I'm looking for something more in depth, especially for their services, tools and also prices.
    Is There a comparative service on internet of all those things? Personal thoughts about data vendor platform are welcome too.
  4. Ive used Realtick, Qcharts and am presently using Esignal. Realtick was ok but they pissed me off about something that I cannot even remember now so I went to Esignal then to Qcharts because I did not like esignals charts. I had problems with Qcharts stalling on my satellite connection so I went back to Esignal when they came out with advanced charting and have been very happy with them. For some reason their data comes across the satellite connection much more reliably and the charting is pretty good now.
  5. For me, Tradestation works flawlessly and the chart quality can't be beat IMO.

  6. Sterling :D
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    In-depth product reviews and comparisons of the type commonly found for computer hardware products, for example, just don't exist for data feeds and trading software. I don't know of any trading product review sites. You might find some reviews done by trader magazines, but those are actually product promotion pieces that the product vendor pays for, so they're not unbiased, not likely to mention negatives, and they're usually not very detailed. Your best bet is to post specific questions here and request feedback from product users.

    Personally, I recommend eSignal. The data feed is extremely reliable, and the data subscription options are extensive. There are also a lot of trading applications that use the eSignal feed, so you have a lot of versatility as to other tools that you can use with eSignal data.

    eSignal's software platform has undergone a huge change in the last year, and now offers charting that supports EFS (eSignal Formula Script), which is Javascript with eSignal functions. You can create formulas to display data, alerts on analytic study conditions, etc., in about any way you can imagine, and you can even automatically trade your system using EFS. There's a whole community built around creating, tweaking, and sharing EFS files at eSignal's File Sharing and Bulletin Board websites. These improvements are huge, and RealTick by comparison is in the stone age.

    Another huge positive for eSignal is the progressive attitude and genuine interest in product improvement expressed by eSignal management and staff.
  8. try http://traders.com/ or http://www.futuresmag.com/

    they do alot of indepth software reviews in their magazines
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    After 3-4 months experience with them:

    -Data reliability at 99.5+%.
    -Platform stability = solid.
    -Reasonably priced data feed.
    -Low per-share commissions.
    -Quick, knowledgeable support.
    -A top quality message board for its users that gives EliteTrader a standard to aim for.
    -Years of back testing data.....

    And with the upcoming TS7 release, most of the feature-lack issues, like no Level2 ECN's, will be resolved.
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    TradeStation will work fine for the traditional type of trading. Wealth-Lab takes it one step further.

    If TS7 includes a powerful RadarScreen, that will be a HUGE thing for equties traders.

    There are many improvements announced that if implemented, and at the same time neither the quality of the data feed or the stability of the program suffers, it would then rank as #1 again in my book after many years of neglect.

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