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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fafot, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. fafot


    I am looking for programmer to do a simple automatic order interface for IB. I wrote all the specifications and I can send them on request.

    Please email me or answer this thread with your email.

    Thank you

  2. bobcows


    I have had a simliar IB project progammed in the past to help me automate my system with good results. I had some extra requirements to link TS with IB.

    Here is their link if interested pitrading.com

    If you want to know more about how my project worked out, just page me.

    If your task isn't too complex, you might want to check out wealthlab.com as they can perform automation with IB.

    Also, take a look at IB's freelance consultants here interactivebrokers.com

  3. fafot


    bobcows, def

    Thank you for your replays.
    I will have a look at the sites you suggested.
  4. fafot


    I sent you PM.

  5. rosy2


    hilarious, what qualifies you to write a spec? and what makes you think that a spec is even remotely useful to a person programming? just remember, you get what you pay for.
  6. fafot


    Well, your assumptions are amazing.

    Please show me where did I wrote that I want it for free?

    I hope you do better assumptions in your trading:confused:
  7. Lewcifer


    Rosy -- It's a bad habit to type while driving your trailer home on the street.
  8. rosy2


    I thought my grammar was fine. Anyway, I was pointing out that a spec is useless. And most people think that they can give a spec to someone and get a system in return and do not realize how much a good program will cost. Considering I do this for a living I think I should know.
  9. fafot


    I don't know how long you are in the programming business, but I started with Programming than Computer Systems Analysis and much higher back in... 1979 so I have some some "basic" understanding about how to write specs, how to manage and budget projects and time.

    Next time if you dont have anything useful to contribute just sit tight, shut up and you will avoid some nasty comments too.
  10. rosy2


    then you should already know that upwards of 90% of software projects fail. I am sure you have read "Mythical Man Month" and know the reality. If your spec is good then you should have no problem sending it overseas for results. However, I have been writing trading systems at some of the largest firms and have never seen a spec...maybe they weren't as good as you.
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