Looking for Houston investors?

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  1. I've been trading for 3 years; first starting with swing trading and pure intraday trading for about 6 months.

    I'm finally good at this to a point where I could make huge amount of money if I had even a small amount of capital. Right now I only have $5k, no other source of capital and really can't make any reasonable amount of money with my capital.

    We are going into December now, and I will make about 10 roundtrip daytrades (because of the PDT rule) and show the results at the end of month for anyone in Houston area who might want to invest with me. My plan is to make about 30% return for December (about $1500) with maximum loss of about $50/trade.

    Private message, or e-mail me if you're in Houston and interested.

    I have no personal friends (I'm not a very social person) and I'm not close to my family, one reason why I have to ask about something like this to online strangers.
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  3. viewpoint,

    contact one of the prop firms listed on elite. some may let you trade their capital.


  4. if u had such a "huge amount" and now only have 5g-bones left. What the hell happened????

    You say you're anti-social so it can't be booze and hookers. Maybe just booze.

    Now would anyone want to trust someone who spent all his profits on proliferation of booze? Hmmm.
    Food for thought eh?

    Anyway, just my regular busting chops thing. Don't take too seriously.
  5. I never had more than about $10,000 in all my accounts, (I opened my first trading account-E-trade-with $2,000 three years ago.) and also had to rely on the small amount of money for living expenses. I never had huge amounts of anything all my life. I expect to work for huge amount of money now.

    As far as what happened, it's a three-year long story, and I'd rather not talk about it in public. I have an Ivy undergraduate degree, and a law license. I like both trading and law and expect to make good careers out of both.

    I've been very responsible and frugal. I've learned trading as fast and as thoroughly as just about anybody could, including Livermore who also took about 5 years to get his basics down.

    No, I don't take anything seriously; I learn a lot from the people on this board. I have my share of personal shortcomings. Trading reminds me of my weaknesses everyday, but I keep working to get better at what I do.

    "And when you know what not to do in order not to lose money, you begin to learn what to do in order to win. Did you get that? You begin to learn!" -Jesse Livermore


    It is kind of a sad story,, kinda like the story of Jesse Livermore,,, he was probably the most sucessful trader in Wall Street history until he lost 34 MM in the banking collaspe of '32 then he blew his brains out in the bathroom of a NYC hotel.

    the book does not tell you that part