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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tc, Mar 8, 2001.

  1. tc


    I had joined Daytrader.com chatroom for a few weeks. They make about 12-15 calls a day. Each one with 1/2 a point stop. What happen was 8 out of 10 time the stock they call got stopped out right away or only move up 1/4 and pull back to the stop. I am a small lot trader(200-300), so 1/4 is only good for broker's commissions. Their fee is about 175/month. Does anyone use them or anyone can suggest a good trading chatroom. Thanks
  2. kempo



    I am a new trader so take this for what it's worth. I have been using a chat room at http://www.mtrader.com/ta It is run by Allen Zuckerman.

    He looks for 1-3pt moves (less in this market). He gives notice before hand of what he is looking at, then announces when the trade has set-up. He explains the reasoning behind the trade. He also stays with the trade and manages it all the way through. He keeps a tally for the day and posts the results (lately, not great). You can ask questions and there are many knowlegable people on the site as well.

    There is a one week free trial. It costs $100/month.

  3. Hi TC

    If I were you i would try trade prospector before wasting time or money on a chatroom. Trade prospector gives you a whole free month before expecting you to pay the 400 yearly
    fee. One of the few programs that actually work. Their located at http://www.3mtrading.com

  4. Dustin


    Try http://www.trendfund.com. I think they have a free 2 week trial. It's run by a guy named Waxie. He's quite a character and keeps trading interesting.

    They concentrate on swing trades which doesn't fit my style so I don't use them anymore, but would recommend it to anyone interested.
  5. I trade in a room run by targetman... it's targetman.com, and you can email him something and im sure you can get a free trial. We swingtrade, though there are a lot of really funny guys in there (including me). There are all types of traders in there and they trade the futs, equities, and sometimes options. Also checkout tradingmarkets.com for setups. There are some quality ones every day.
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    targetman is a big huckster, beware. He was trying to get a bunch of people on #daytraders to join his "exclusive" service by sending them screenshots of his trading account balance.

    See http://www.daytraders.org and http://www.financialchat.com for two bigger free IRC channels. If you are wise enough to think for yourself and don't need handholding, these might be useful to you. Some people are willing to pay to hear what other people have to say; if that's your idea of fun, more power to you.