Looking for good, but cheap broker to trade stocks & options

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eddiegorniakjr, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. I could not find Marsco.com on the list of brokers.
    Does anyone know if this would be a good broker to use to trade short term stocks and some options? And maybe to do some limited daytrading of stocks until I can get an account above the $25k minimum. I tried opening an account at Interactive Brokers but they rejected me. Would not give a reason. But they did say they saw info that I was charged with a felony in 1998. It was for illegal gambling and had nothing to do with trading.
    Are there any other brokers like IB that charge $1 commissions and don't require a large number of monthly trades?
  2. Wow. I didn't think IB even ran a credit check. A background investigation would cost them at least a few bucks, so it would cost a bunch for every applicant to be checked...

    Hard to believe that would be the reason for rejection, unless it was something like securities fraud. I would suspect it would be more like employment/income/net worth?

    Good luck to all.
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