looking for good broker.

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    I want to open a new account.

    Can you please tell me what the difference between dealing and non dealing desk. Is it important? What is important?
  2. With NDD or No dealing desk brokers brokers will not be able to do reqoutes unlike the DD or dealing desk brokers. With NDD your transaction goes straight to the bank.
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    you want a broker with smallest spreads, and lowest commissions. The total gives you the 'real' spread. You'd also want your broker to not quote 'off-market' (as far as there exists such a thing in forex).
    For me, all considering, Oanda fits the picture best.

    at newstimes spreads will widen, you'd be a moron trying to game the news.
    Delete your JAVA-cache each morning before you start trading and you won't get into trouble with their platform.
    Get additional charts if you are scalping.

    Still, it's the best out there imo.