Looking for good broker that always honors tight stops.... need help

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by popstocks, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I left Thinkorswim a few weeks ago (i started trading futures initially with them) because of their horrible lags and occasional issues where it would freeze and not let me cancel out an order for minutes at a time.

    So I transferred to Open E Cry, I like the platform (T4) but there have been some disturbing things here as well. There is double margin requirements on bracket orders which is a pita. The main issue though is that sometimes stops are not honored. I use bracket orders exclusively and OEC's system is a little backwards imo. Lets say you get filled on the first side of your bracket order, next thing logically is that the bracket should be active and the stop should be protecting your position, but what happens is if price jumps past the stop before the bracket technically goes into working mode the entire bracket gets rejected! So within a few seconds you can end up in a very bad trade with no protection.

    So now I am having second thoughts about OEC, , if the stop is "jumped" before it has time to be active then I want the system to liquidate at market plain and simple. The whole point of a stop is to do just that but somehow OEC thinks otherwise.

    What I really need is a solid platform and broker that ALWAYS honors stops, none of this bs 'your stop was rejected because our system is too slow or poorly programed' crap. I'd like a good futures broker with a free platform that has bracket orders and is super solid. The more scalper friendly the better! Please fellow tight stop traders help me out and point me in the right direction to a better company.

    P.S. I really grew to like that T4 platform, perhaps there is a better broker out there that has more solid execution through T4?