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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by curt504, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. curt504


    Most sites / software finds stocks to buy but I'm looking for a site or software that will help me keep my gains or reduce losses.

    I feel I find all the buys I have $$ for.

    What I have a problem with is keeping my gains or preventing losses. IE OB stock that doesn't have trailing stops or stop loss sells.

    Or the market is dropping or the sector is dropping and I'm in the dark working my day job.

    Most stock websites and pay for services provide these services:

    - what stock(s) are good / bad buys

    - Charts with some TA, but mostly just chart annotations that you have to interpret.

    - Delayed or realtime commentary on what’s happening. The “why or when” is rarely discussed.

    - You can load up your portfolio or watch list and manually enter your transactions.

    - Triggers on price or percent moves that send emails.

    - <are there more features out there?>

    What I'm looking for is:

    - When you add a stock to watch or in your portfolio, automatically picking the industry sector ETF / index to also watch. IE no sense owning a bio when the bio sector is going down.

    - <automatic> triggers for other market action besides simple price, volumn, MACD crossings, RSI above or below.

    - Triggers for filtering the news for mention of your stock.

    - Triggers for SEC 8k / 10k / insider buys / sells.

    - Trading journel on each watch list or portfolio stock. The future part of a trading strategy/journel has actions or triggers available [trigger if scenarios]

    - News filter on: guidances, coverage up/down, change in analyst rating/ranking

    Am I the only one who would find value in solving this problem?

    Thanks Curt
  2. You could use trade-ideas.com and setup 'almost' any filter you wish to trigger. I'm not sure about automating the trading though.
  3. curt504


    I'm looking for this and wonder if others need this too?

    A website where you enter watch lists / porfolios

    The site allows you to keep a trading journel per stock, notes, URLs to who tiped etc anything you'd like (wiki style, self edit)

    The site does these things for you:

    - tracks PPS and sends email/sms etc when your stock meets trigger criteria: trailing stop, peers in an industry index/etf trigger a trailing stop, the markets trigger a trailing stop.

    This feature alone would have saved me $10k's and more. I've been blind sided so many times that then get my stock.

    - Coorelates news, SEC, group posts that might be relavent and emails/sms these events. The source and sensitivity level must be controllable. IE always send me SEC insider buys, but only news if it is coorelated with a PPS move.

    Any other features folks would add or change?

    tnx curt