Looking for Futures Trading Mentor

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Sattam, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. NoDoji


    I'll take my pay from the market; the market writes no bad checks. :D
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  2. Sattam


    i will give you a contract and a trading platform if youre serious!
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  3. Sattam


    dude you messing with me or what?! Im telling you, you will trade a subaccount i have and i'll give you 35% profits!!
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  4. Sattam


    correction.... 30%
    $25k - 30% and ever profit above 5k you get additional 5%
    #54     Jul 13, 2015
  5. Visaria


    NoDoji ain't a dude, mate...
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  6. Sattam


    whatever,,,, you want to make money or no?
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  7. samuel11


    You see sattam, you appear so desperate that you will keep increasing your bid. If you can find when and where people on the market behave the same way you are right now, you may have one profitable edge to exploit.
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  8. Sattam


    if you know how to trade contact me,,,, if not please dont waste my time. bye!
    #58     Jul 13, 2015
  9. I have a friend who just started with value investing. Basically, he's investing in companies with a track record of increasing dividends yearly going a long way back. A friend of his again has done this for a longer time and while it's taken him some time, he's tripled his account, something that's a lot better than what most on Elitetrader accomplishes by gambling.

    While this is a conservative approach and he's not likely to get very, very rich in the immediate future, he should be able to grow his account nicely in the years to come. His plan is to re-invest his profits and keep adding savings from his day time job (where his time is much better utilized than by active investing).

    Why not try something similar?

    It seems like after all these years you're still oblivious and in the dark. You should at least have an idea about what to do and work on after all this time, but it doesn't seem like you've made any progress, no?

    Would you take two years away from live trading and study the markets full-time if that is what it takes? Or is it more important for you to be putting on trades and losing? :)
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  10. Sattam


    no time to study.... thanks for the post.
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