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  1. Sattam


    Thanks mate.... you're words very prudent... but seriously i love the game and would rather find someone do it for me know who's what to do... i hear you about that not coming, but i have to try all my channels!
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  3. Sattam


    the research part alone will take forever! How hard is it to get a great trader? Everything is becoming fake in this business.... what is it about traders? fake people with big egos? they living a lie? Sorry Markersurfer not pointing at you but it fustrating to see the YouTube channels and all the beautiful traders and setup which are all lies when the real thing happens. i will try to post all the fake rooms i entered and never made money in but that's not what i want to do.... i just need it to work!
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  4. dbphoenix


    Finding someone to do it for you is not the same as finding someone who'll tell you what to do. If you want someone to do it for you, buy one or more ETFs. If you want someone who'll tell you what to do, i.e., expect you to follow their trading plan, if they have one, then you are in effect holding out your wallet and asking them to take however much they want.

    Accept the responsibility for what you've done and for the decisions you've made. Then apply what you've learned from that acceptance to whatever future decisions you make, even if you decide to trod some other path.
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  5. Sattam


    Why isn't there an ETF that have a bunch of good traders where i can buy!!!
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  6. dbphoenix


    Let us know how that acceptance of responsibility thing works out for you.
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  7. Sattam


    I accepted the responsibility of throwing away my money.... but i do not want to bare the responsibility again!
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  8. EPrado


    Stay away from any mentors/gurus who charge you for their strategy/systems/monthly newsletters. There is a reason they are selling it.....because it's useless crap. If it were any good they would be keeping quiet, trading it for only themselves, and making plenty of money. Those trading rooms seem to be the worst.

    My advice is to do as much reading/research as you can. The Market Wizards books and Michael Covel's Trend Following in my opinion are some of the best. Reading interviews from top traders about what made them "get there" and what mistakes they made on the way is very helpful.

    At the end of the day you have to put a ton of time in front of the trading screen, find your weaknesses and do what you have to do to eliminate/minimize them. Find a strategy that works best with your strengths and one that you are comfortable with. I have been around guys who are great at fading moves and would rather jump off a building then buy strength/sell weakness. I have been around great traders who only go with the trend, buy breakouts/sell breakdowns and do extremely well. I think the important thing in the long run is to come up with a strategy that relies on only you. If you rely on someone else doing the work for you (trading rooms...etc) then what happens when they stop ? You probably stop trading as well. Relying on yourself will let you trade as long as you want. Can make it a long term thing.

    Good luck with everything.
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  9. dbphoenix


    Actually you haven't, or you wouldn't be so eager to throw away more.

    But, best of luck to you. Nothing more I can contribute here.
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  10. Are all of you too stupid to realise this is all just a troll act.
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