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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Sattam, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sattam


    I have been trading futures for several years now and have spent alot of money on the trading rooms, software, and classes, etc. I am looking for a honest mentor to help my trade futures successfully and consistently. I have also lost alot of money over 250k in the past year alone. Please contact me if you can help me and are successful and are willing to mentor me. I am also interested in trading different futures markets as well.
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  2. has it occurred to you that you are not cut out for futures trading?
  3. Autodidact


    Have you considered forgetting about trading all-together?

    If you decided to continue tortorizing yourself, one important suggestion though, this board is full of snake oil salesman trying to fish for frustrated losing traders, whoever you consider, make sure he or she shows an audited track record that goes back at least 5-6 years or run as far and as fast as you can. You have been warned oh and re-consider my first question as well :)
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  4. i960


    Sheesh, 250k is a lot of money to lose before asking for help man. I'm not personally a mentor, but you might want to throw out some more details such as what instruments you're trading - what timeframe you're trading, and what you feel causes you to keep losing money, and/or what you think you're missing.
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  5. Autodidact


    He's a gambler, trading without an edge.
  6. redbox


    You'll find plenty here.
  7. Sattam


    Trading ES, Gold, Crude and Silver. i am trading between London open and NY close. I topped my account again and so far I'm break-even in a month (20 trades) that never happens!! I was extremely lucky!
  8. Sattam


    Unfortunately I'm a big gambler!! Call me the big punter! Comes and goes.... But seriously I need real traders who can show me how to make money here!!
  9. Sattam


    I hope so.... you know any traders?
  10. VPhantom


    We all have to find our own style, but on the charting side of things, I've been most inspired by Timothy Morge. No-nonsense guy with 40+ years of success, specialized around a single leading indicator and not much else. Best of all, you can gather what he has to say without spending a dime in the I.B. webinar archives, but he also does sell coaching to those who can afford it.

    (Forgot to add: on the statistical analysis side, I'm an Adam Grimes fan. Quite the realist about what is and potentially isn't random.)
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