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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by esc_trader, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys - I've been out the game for a few years. Looking to get back into prop trading stocks part-time. Got lots and lots of bills - so don't really have any cash (or desire to) to lock up at a prop firm.

    Looking for very low-commissions and a profit split. I have documentation from years ago. Low-risk, basically churning a modest profit, week by week, month by month.

    This intended to be a low risk thing for someone who wants to split a couple k$ a month so I can get my stake up.

  2. corelove


    Markets changed big time since you were involved. The old ways don't work any longer.
  3. Not sure about that. There was sub-pennies and automated systems. What I traded didn't depend on being quickest to the book.

    Tighter spreads it seems today also.. That's ok, tighter spreads generally better for me.

    Lower commissions and better ECN rebates now would have made me 2x profitable back then..

    Do need low comms tho..
  4. Topper


    I can hook you up with a group if you're interested but the only profit you're gonna split is yours! :)
  5. Topper - yeah I wouldn't expect any other way :) thanks
  6. corelove


    Good points. Good luck!
  7. Logic


    Canadian firms offer lower commissions ($.20/1000 to $1.00/1000) and lower payouts (50% to 80%). American firms charge higher commissions ($1.25/1000 to $5.00/1000), but give higher payouts (80%-95%.) Some screwballs try to get you to pay more than $5/1000, but you're better off ignoring them.

    The deals they offer fluctuate with your volume, of course. Good luck.
  8. Yes, I noticed that as well. Can a US citizen trade at a canadian firm? Thanks.
  9. Logic


    I haven't seen anything that says you can't. I don't know for certain what legal issues there are, if any, and I know some US traders do (trade with Canadian firms.) In any case, I'm going ahead and doing it anyway.