Looking for FUNDING/only serious/split profits

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pro, May 17, 2002.

  1. lundy


    all you have to do is show some real documents that show that you know how to make some real money. You will have people knocking at your door to give you money + outrageous benefits for trading it.

    I wouldn't expect the checks to start flowin in if you anonymously post on elite trader. Might work in lots of other fields of expertise, but traders are a hybrid of cynical, loafing, pessimistic losers & elite traders who belong to an innercircle where money flows from the universe into their wallets.

    You might try getting a 9-5 job, saving for a year, and then trading. If you want to find something trade related, you might try executing trades for a winner.
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  2. yes, just take a look at metamarkets:)
    #62     Jun 5, 2002
  3. LMAO!

    I hope your market predictions are as accurate ;) you'd be very wealthy! :D
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  4. well put, are you a poet?
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  5. lundy


    no, but in highschool i used to be really into creative writing. I guess it comes in handy sometimes. :)
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  6. that is hilarious lundy.
    #66     Jun 21, 2002
  7. gnome


    Is this anything like the deal when I was in college some guy wanted me to sell my VW and give him the money to play at the dog track so we could BOTH bet rich?
    #67     Jun 21, 2002
  8. how about getting about $50 from 11,000 people then, based on performance add another $500 each quarter unilt you hit 25 million then close out the fund.
    #68     Jul 11, 2002
  9. brad1970


    Hey Pro, is there any Hurdle Rate???
    #69     Jul 12, 2002