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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pro, May 17, 2002.

  1. I think Pro is mikeclaire, the italian/french controvery from sometime back
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  2. You mean that guy who was in France complaining that IB didn't let him free-ride past his margin? LOL!
    Explains a lot then.
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  3. "Pro" is a CON !!! ha ha ha
    #53     May 28, 2002
  4. Excuse me, but you're being naiive. Like a cheerleader on a pirate ship.
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  5. Man, I WISH I was still 16...but if anybody wants to THINK that I am, that's almost as good. :D
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  6. Swing from the trees, that is :D
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  7. If you have witnessed it several times, it is not rare, as rare events are scarcely witnessed.

    Good money managers don't run out of money. Bad money managers and bad traders do. And after they blow thier own stakes, they blow the stakes of others, first thier freinds and family, and then perfect strangers. Pro, if his appeal is not an outright con, is likely entering the latter part of the second phase of the blowout process. He can't get any money from anyone who knows him so he is appealing to strangers.

    It is revealing that you are sympathetic to the amateurish Pro.
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  8. jsk2424


    Try this. Sometimes good traders loose their capital because of a situation with the backer unrelated to trading. Also, sometimes good traders have to use their trading capital for some event unrelated to trading.
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  9. jsk2424, are you 'pro'?

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  10. you know the funny thing is, in 1999 somebody might have given him the money :)
    #60     Jun 5, 2002