Looking for FUNDING/only serious/split profits

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pro, May 17, 2002.

  1. bone

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    Dear "Pro" :

    I'll back you if you can provide statements and two personal references from a primary clearing firm. If your references come from an Introducing Broker, I will need confirmation from his clearing firm.

    I will need to see ten out of twelve months of NET positive returns after commissions, exchange, and desk/workstation fees.

    Each month, on average, you should be able to return at least 10% on your account balance NET. If this is the case, you have earned the right to trade much larger size, and deserve a 'push' from a mentor.

    If not, a little humility would benefit you.
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  2. Rigel


    I send you this private email with regards to which you may be able to help me liquidate funds curretly in Nigerian escrow account established under my husband, the late Phillip Mohutu, industrial finance minister for the undersecretary of industrial affairs E.C.O. .
    .......................:D :D
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  3. mrktwiz


    <I> have a situation that is opposite of "Pro's" (If I can barly understand his needs i.e. "give me money, and I'll make YOU money") I have a certain amount of money (exceeds $25K) and will not have my Series 7 for a while....due to my still working full-time and then limited study time....how would I best go about offering <my> capitol to an experienced trader to trade and grow(?) hopefully untill I'm ready to trade this capitol myself.

    If I'm being to naive please don't hesitate to let me know...and knowing the "tone" of this board I'm sure you guys, (and gals?) won't.

    Any positive comments, suggestions, appreciated, and you are always welcome to PM me directly.

    Thank you in advance for your help...

    Good trading all...

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  4. trdrmac


    Before you do that, Fly to Vegas, flash it for the pit boss, get a room some drinks and a prostitute or two. At least that way you will have some GOOD memories of your money.

    Seriously, anyone who manages money with a PROVEN track record is not going to accept 25k. In most cases you have to be an accredited investor meaning you have a million dollar net worth or 2-300K in yearly income to get real talent.

    The next thing you may want to consider is 2-3 weeks back Barrons ran a report of hedge fund returns (those that did not blow out since the last time they ran the report.) Sure you had a few that knocked the cover off the ball, but most were just ham and egger returns, nothing special.

    Since you want to trade, why not dump it into a brokerage account and trade it yourself until you start trading full time.
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  5. Joshua


    I have a pet chimpanzee and would like to teach him to trade. Is there any venture capitalists out there who would like to provide capital for this bold endeavor. We can split the profits 50/50. We'll pay the chimp in bananas.
    #35     May 17, 2002
  6. mrktwiz


    ok,ok I hear you, back to studying.......(kinda what I expected)

    Thanks man...just needed someone to hit me upside the head for a moment....

    #36     May 17, 2002
  7. Is your Chimpanzee series 7 licenced?

    If not, please don't waste my time.
    #37     May 17, 2002
  8. trdrmac



    I don't see much problem in getting you funding, however having a chimp as a pet is illegal in the US. So to keep things legal like I will need you to set him up as a foreign entity in perhaps Liberia cause I want some of those collector coins they keep pressing.

    When this is complete please take a personal ad in the sunday ny times in the personal columns under the title "searching for bobo". You will then be contacted with funding information.

    #38     May 17, 2002
  9. Bsulli


    My girlfriend looked like a chimp, well more like an orangatan! But she could trade...... mostly commodities.....banana futures if I remember right.

    #39     May 17, 2002
  10. "For some reason I'm out of any funds now...Dont ask me why(not trading related). "

    Crack kills, be glad you only lost your money, it could have been your health.
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