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    Is there a good broker who meets all 3 of the following:

    1. Low startup-$2500-$4000

    2.Low commissions or tight spreads

    3.Does not trade against customers

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. I should you may start with several demo accounts, such as FXTG, Forex CT and IG Market, first you have to down their trading platforms so you will see how they go and which one is suit you.

    Go and check the information on their website
    Good luck
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  5. provance


    The trader asked for this condition also,right?

    So,decided to give him/her to try my broker.Read reviews first.
    O,forgot its name :forex-****l.com

    And they also return all your money back if you want to close acc.
  6. Amber40


    You will see there are hundreds of them, just don't forget to find out what country the broker is registered in, make sure they are regulated.
  7. Haley12


    AVAfx might be match with you requirements. Even should try some other to check like Finexo, GOMarkets etc.