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Discussion in 'Forex' started by jayoo, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. jayoo


    looking for nice blog about forex trading.

    Do you know any usuful blog sites which fx trader or analyst write?
  2. nixad


  3. whatever you do, don't read anything by sKaLpZ or Coinz... they're maniacs!!

    fx :cool:
  4. sminvest


    There is a list here:
  5. Joe


    Skalpz is awesome, but that Coinz ...wow that guy is crazy

  6. cable


    Yeah, both those guys are in the "where are they now?" bin at TraderMart... I heard SkLapZ did some crazy Yen trade that made him a zillionaire and now he's living on a yacht and dating some famous chick named Vida Guerra.... Coinz apparently was on the other side of that same Yen trade and ended up in a Bell Tower with a high-powered rifle, wearing only an adult diaper and screaming "this one's for you, ma!" as he shot wildly into a crowd of Japanese Circus Freaks. He's now the celebrity spokesman for ElectroShock Therapy, and is slated to be on "The Surreal Life" next season (with his doctor's permission, of course).

    Sad, really. I always told him to use stops.... Or did I always tell him to just keep averaging down? One or the other.
  7. Incredible...

  8. ElectroShock Therapy
  9. Nah, it was the euro short trade last year (from 1.2100s to 1.3665) that sent those two over the edge.

    Last I heard Coinz sends out his trading resume mass-fashion to all the circuses in the world hoping to land a 3-ring forex trading job, titled, "Come One, Come All!!"

    He wants to pair with The Fat Lady.

    sKaLpZ is on an endless mission to see how many variations of upper and lower case letters he can create for his name.

  10. Just like jOe

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