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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Mr Subliminal, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I have some stat arb strategies which require a tad more leverage than the 4:1/2:1 (intraday/overnight) offered by PDT retail. I am looking for a prop firm or other legal entity which would allow me to trade equities remotely on a reliable and interface-friendly platform, and provide access to reasonable hedged intraday and overnight leverage.

    I do not have a Series 7, but have no objection to acquiring it under the right circumstances. Commissions and haircut fees are not as important as security of my funds. As a corollary, I would expect any "training and educational" expenses to be negligible, as I have some years of experience with direct access equity and futures trading.

    Initially I am ready to put down a 5-digit deposit, and am prepared to add more as the relationship advances. I live in Las Vegas and invite all serious replies.
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    Definitely Bright. Their HQ is on the east side of town at Trop and Harrison I believe.

    I am brand new to trading and I only hear superb reviews about Bright. Contact Don from Bright on this board.
  5. bright is in vegas. big n good firm. can't go wrong. just a bit expensive.

    you can check out cygroup too. cheaper fees.