Looking for Feedback on Nexis Capital

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Babak, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Babak


    Hi guys,
    could anyone who has info on Nexis capital please reply in this thread?

    I've gotten a few comments on my trading blog, requesting info on them. If you prefer, you can leave a comment on my blog anonymously or pm me.


  2. 2ez


  3. Anyone know if the training program is as good as advertised on Nexis' website? How would Nexis compare to Opus Atlanta in terms of training?

  4. bigbok


    what info would you like? i used to trade there for about 7 months and know a lot about them.
  5. goindo


    Hi there; I will be interviewing with Nexis Capital next week, and since you have already worked for them, I’d like to ask you (if you don’t mind) about the interview. i.e. what should I expect, what do they look for in me, etc. Or even what questions should I be asking them.

    Of course, my question goes to just about anyone who reads this.. please help me out. Thanks!

    P.S. About me: a recent college grad.
  6. mayes6b


    how much is the cap contrib?