Looking for fairly "liquid" index options

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    Hello. I am looking for fairly "liquid" index options that are out there. The ones I have found so far are very low volume and I wanted to double check on this thread to see if I am missing anything. Primarily I am looking for S & P 500 index options and Nasdaq. What would be the markets and symbols? Thanks in advance. -m
  2. The SPY and QQQ options are very liquid and do the directional trick for you. If you need a lot of size I dont know what the best option would be.

  3. S&P 500 index options under SPX.

    Nasdaq 100 index options under MNX.
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    I think the symbol for the Nasdaq 100 options is actually NDX, the MNX are the options that are 1/10 the size of the NDX. Same underlying, just 1/10 the size. Both are very liquid.

  5. There are no SPY options.
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    None are liquid compared to stocks like SPY ;
    but in a practical sense SPX, NDX, QQQ will work- NTM-near the money, at the money has better volume .:cool:
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    Thank you all so much for your heip! -m
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    Just in case...
    Maybe also have a look at the DAX-index options.
    They are also quite liquid!
    Symbol at EUREX (should also be the same at EUREX US): ODAX

    Happy trading!
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    I am basically loking for the most liquid and lowest cost hedging instrument against an ES trade. Thanks for all the responses so far! It seems that the QQQ options would tend to the NQ just fine. Now the ES is a diffeent story. I wonder why they never put out options on the SPY?
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