Looking for experiences with MarketVolume.com

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cunparis, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I just signed up for a free trial and I'm not sure what to think. For example, looking at their trading system it seems to return around 30%. It also has a huge drawdown. the emini strategy went up to 100k and is now at 27k. I'm just wondering if people consider that good or bad?

    Also their A/D volume analysis and prediction is pretty interesting but I have no idea if it's accurate or not. I wouldn't base my buying decisions on it alone but if it confirms my other analysis that would be a bonus.

    I haven't had time to assess the rest of the site. Their market outlook, etc. so I'm wondering if anyone else can share their experience. $1500/yr for the top package is pretty expensive.
  2. I have tried it before, idea seems sound. A/D line with volume lead. A/D doesn't go up futures aren't either from my exp. I just can't acclimate to their charts so much different from what I am used to. Also seems a couple of second lag with java over net. In the end just didn't seem to add anything I don't see with price and volume.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm relatively new at trading (less than 1 year) so maybe I could learn from their technique.
  4. Sure you are welcome. Price, volume, support and resistance are the best tools I have found. If you are going to supplement them then use market internals such as A/D, Tick, TIKQ, TRIN. The reason I looked at MV is that its pure data not calculated like Trin. If you haven't looked at traderslaboratory you should there are lots of good thread on price and volume. Whether its VSA, pure Wyckoff, or Market Profile they are all based on price and volume which are supply and demand.
  5. they have been emailing me for over 6 years, off and on. They never seemed to maintain profitability. They were one of the reasons I chopped volume out of my trading.
  6. Their charts are difficult to read IMHO. And as said already, their java charts lag. I took a trial then decided not to sign up. They still send me emails of "special offers" all the time and also weekly volume charts.

    They claim to be the only ones who have volume on indices. Why they're allowed to corner that data is a mystery to me. But sure enough, no data vendor I have come across carries intra-day volume on indices. Kind of makes you wonder why that is. I mean, dayam, talk about a monopoly!