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    I need a python wrapper for the FIX protocol of a prime broker that I plan to to switch to. I believe they use Instinet for execution. As a result, it is actually Instinet's FIX protocol that needs a python wrapper.

    Please PM me if you can help or you happen to know someone who can help. Thanks!
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    A python wrapper to implement FIX, why use a scripting language to implement an industry standard protocol that is hard enough to configure and code against? Does that broker only offer FIX? Otherwise I would go with their API. I assume here that it must be Python as you are in a Python environment?

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    The broker only offers FIX and they do not offer API. The reason I am looking for a Python wrapper is because my current code is in Python.
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    It's not that simple. I recall quickfix for Java and c# and both were a real mess. In the end we went with a commercial package. Even then the certification and customizations were non trivial. I don't think this is a diy project unless someone with intricate fix and messaging experience is working on it.

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    So you can guess why. It's a very specialized and difficult protocol to get right and those who have domain knowledge don't put up with gig economy jobs. They are highly paid guys at hedge funds or hft firms or banks. That's why I asked whether you really wanna go down that route. Have you asked yourself whether you really want to work with a broker who offers nothing else but fix connectivity? I personally would not.

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