*Looking for Eurex Prop Trader & Market Maker contacts*

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by EurexBroker, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a trader/broker for a small company, and we are trying to place some flow on the German market (Eurex Listed Options)

    We cover many German & Swiss Execution Desks (Banks) on the flow side. In the last couple of weeks we saw a lot of flow on German Titles, but honestly our network in the German area is not as wide and good as we wish it to be. We can provide market makers and prop traders with excellent flow.

    What we need is basically quick and good prices on listed Options on Eurex for block size. Mainly German titles.

    Let me know if you have names and or contacts who can help me with my inquiry.

  2. I m market maker for dutch stocks, here to help ;-)
    sry cannot help you on German underlyings
  3. Propfromhome, any suggestions for brokers for us to use to trade Dutch equities options? Is there liquidity for high volume?
  4. alttriontrading do you already contacted him ?
  5. I am market maker on DAX options if you are interested
  6. on DAX index options or DAX index & EQ options?
  7. Dax index options only we trade also eurostoxx index options
  8. where can I contact you or where do you work at? thx
  9. send me a private message with your details and i will call you or send me an e-mail adress where I can send you my details.