Looking for EUR/$ at 2, JPY/$ at 70

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. The dollar will become worthless with all the printing and monetizing going on. Hyperinflation is on the way, there is no stopping the dollar devaluation, still massive trade deficits, big growth in money supply, and Bernanke spewing out dollar bills on Wall Street.

    The Fed's lies about inflation is telling the market that it doesn't care about inflation, only bailing out investment banks and printing dollars to buy crappy MBS off eager sellers. What a pathetic POS central bank.
  2. PaulRon


    Have been thinking about buying the EUR/USD for some time and holding in definitely. When should I get in?
  3. bettles


    The Euro has certainly been strong, but the dollar's weakness seems to be spotty, with only some currencies up. For example, the British Pound and the Canadian Dollar have done nothing in recent months. If the dollar was truely that weak, shouldn't all other currencies be going up? Especially the Canadian Dollar given the commodities bull market?
  4. if u want commodity exposure its better to go with aud.

    70 on the yen is crazy. it would take a nuclear attack on US soil to drop the usd that much imo. i highly doubt we'll see under 90 this year.