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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jeremy001, May 19, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a charting software for OTCBB stocks. I am currently using TC2007 EOD. It is a real shame that they do not supply OTCBB data. So basically I will need a similar or probably less sophisticated software that can read OTC charts end of day.

    It needs to have the function of building up watchlists, and then I can scroll down a list of stocks and when I click the stock symbol, the chart will be shown. The software needs to have over ten years of data.

    Any suggestions wi be greatly appreciated.
  2. FIrst of all Jeremy, any charting software worth using can display charts for OTCBB, or any instrument in the world, as long as the data is formatted properly.

    I am not familiar with TC2007 but it sounds like you use TCs data feed, which doesn't include OTCBB. So, what you need is a data source that provides OTCBB data and a method of getting the data into TC.

    Does TC have an "import" function or something similar? If so you can probably use one of the many free eod data sources. Here's a link with several, there are others as well. http://spacejock.com/PRODataFAQ.html

    If TC does NOT allow data import, then you need either to subscribe to a different TC-compatible data feed, or if there is no other compatible feed, dump TC and use software more compatible with the real world.

    BTW; 10yrs worth of data may or may not be available for any given issue, whether free data or subscribed data. Especially true for OTC where symbol changes, delistings, moves to and from other exchanges, bankruptcy, reverse mergers, etc, are everyday happenings.

    Good luck,
  3. Osorico,
    Thanks very much for the reply. As you suspected, TC2000 does not service the OTC stocks; they do not allow using outside data either. And, worse yet, I am addicted to their software. So I am looking for another software (with similar functionality) just to see the OTC stocks.

    Thanks again,

  4. Amibroker might be a good alternative. I have no idea of similarities with TC, but AmiBroker is inexpensive, works with multiple data sources, free and subscription, and has it's roots in EOD analysis. http://www.amibroker.com/

    Just a thought, don't use it myself.
  5. Well said.
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    You can view EOD or intraday OTCBB stocks on the Quote.com web site for Free.


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  9. microcapfeed >>expensive