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    I will be graduating in May. I am looking for an entry level job in sales and trading.
  2. HA, good luck. Finance is no longer the major for that. All about quants and stats.

    Dude, your resume screams investment banker. Maybe you should not have gotten so much experience for IB if you wanted to do trading. Didn't they give you a heads up on that at Kelley?

    Indiana Univ, that's like top 3 undergrad school for business majors (almost went there). If you could not get anything from recruiting, then you might be outta luck. Sales & trading job pool is shrinking and shrinking. Hate to break it to you, but those jobs are so easy, a monkey could do em. No real trading involved, just client relations, BSing and an illusion that you know anything about how markets work and what trading really is. Computers been replacing the human bodies at the job, with great results. Better hit up your alumni connections or anyone you can network, if you are so hung up on it.

    Otherwise, you're a prime Investment Banker candidate, possibly even Venture Capital if you can interview your a$$ off. I will bet that if you were to send your resume right now to the top 5 IBs, you would get a 60-80% response rate. Sh*t, I can probably send this to my acquitenances and land you an intervew in a couple of weeks.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I'm surprised you know DealMaven already, that's impressive.
  3. Go IB.

    We're slashing more salestraders this month before bonus payouts :(

    Replacing them with black boxes and a couple new API feeds.

  4. Pathus


    Well, I think sales and trading would be a lot more interesting and possibly even fun. I find investments a lot more interesting than investment banking. I was interested in investment banking but I am not so sure about working 90+ hours week after week. I am willing to work my ass off, but at least in sales and trading you don't work much on the weekends. All of the big firms are making less on market-making, but they are all becoming giant hedge funds. I think hedge funds are where it is at right now. Hell, if you look at the forbes 400 supposedly 10% are in some form of money management.

    I have some friends in Investment Banking and they are doing very well. If you indeed have some colleagues you could forward my resume to, I would appreciate it greatly. It would probably be very difficult for me to turn down an IB analyst position.
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    By the way I am going to try to learn how to program here in the next few months as that is where it looks like the industry is going...
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    Merrill is always looking for ball washers...bout as entry level as you can get. (must have own kneepads)
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    Rhino, thank you for the heads up. I will keep a look out for ball-washing positions on the Bloomberg. The only problem is that I am not sure I can afford a good pair of knee-pads. Do they give out knee-pad scholarships?
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    Anymore constructive advice? lol
  9. in the meantime you can study for CAIA.

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    With your options training, I think you have a better chance of getting a trading job in chicago. Indiana U is respected in the midwest. try some prop shops there. New york is probably more geared toward ivy league types to get into wall street trading.
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