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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend elliott wave software. I use elliott wave to trade the marekts and can easily use it for commodity markets, but now I'm starting to trade stocks with it and there are 1000's of stocks out there. I can't look through 1000's of stock charts. I'm going to need software to find basic elliott patterns. If anyone knows of any please help.
  2. I like 'Advanced GET' out of those I've tried. I'm using the eod version for just a dozen or so instruments. AG is now owned by eSignal realtime or eod, there is a scanner tho it may be an extra, AG is expensive, not sure if they do monthly.

    'Elwave' is less expensive, don't know if it has a scanner.

    'Elliott Wave Analyzer', this might be free, or a free version found, don't know if it has a scanner.

    Some brokers were offering AG for 'free' — min account + trading vol per month, don't know if any still are, there is at least one forex broker offering AG for free.
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  4. The Sword can be no more useful than the hand that commands it.

    At this stage of the game there probably isn't a perfect tool. If there was, it would be quite unafordable to the retail trader.

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    save yourself the money, and just attach this post it to your monitor

    'bullish count says market will go up, however, alternate bearish count says it will go down'
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    Here is a spreadsheet that I put togather for E-Wave.
    It works pretty close to what it was intended for.
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    AG is ridiculously expensive,and the worst part about it is it is now owned by Signal...

    I own AG EOD and was looking to download the latest release..When the company was owned by the founder,Tom Joesph,upgrades were free...

    Esignal has the balls to charge close to $1,000 for an upgrade..for an EOD product???????????????

    I wouldnt touch the product...
  8. lol

    absolutely correct imo
  9. I've found MTPredictor very useful, especially their E-Wave scan. I use it daily to identify W2's for longs & W5's for shorts, along with their money management & position sizing suggestions.
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