Looking for Elite Trading Mentor/Partners.

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    That is putting it mildly, the manner in which how they are selling vehicles at a misfortune. In any case, on the off chance that he needs to change the future, they could attempt to make an under 25K vehicle. Gracious pause, vitality thickness and such averts them...
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    it all depends on what you decide to trade..which is determined by how much capital you have..and how much you can afford to lose when learning..the goal at first should be to lose as little as possible when doing live trading

    next is available time..if you can be "there" all day then you will be presented with more opportunities than if you only have an hour or two..common sense

    I think the most important thing after above..is..forget about all the "stuff" you have read so far..after all..it is was of any real value then most would be successful..right..when the reality is that most lose all of their money too quickly..which is exactly why they learn nothing!

    I have just resumed some small trading.. decided to start with MES before taking on the ES again..and I will honestly say I had forgotten lots of things..currently testing setups with just 1 MES contract until I can get the consistency the way I want it..takes lots of hours changing charts and watching live trading

    if you decide to trade the MES then I would use the ES for charting..and do not be afraid to experiment with different chart setups such as range bar instead of time bar..for..what matters most is how you can react to what you see in front of you..if your setup does not enable consistency..then change it!!
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