Looking for Elite Trading Mentor/Partners.

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    Totally agree, a big good heart as the king of the nerds.
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  2. destriero


    Not one link to a decent school. Drexel, rly?
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    Like your thought. Tesla just announced full autonomous robotaxi, a better way to save money, and even make some! We'll just need to wait it out in a year or two. It'll be fun!
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    I watched it live on Twitter, but here's a YouTube if anyone's interested. Actually was my first time watching it and it blew my mind for some reason. Probably because watched too many sci-fis. Anyways, here's your rocket boys:
    landed on "I still love you". What a cool name, right?!
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  5. wrbtrader


    Hey des,

    I also mention the names of other schools too without posting direct links because their names should be obvious. In addition, theres links to the trading competition university list of participants...some famous names on that list.

    I've never been to Drexel...its just a school I remember off the top of my head, its also one of many schools on that list along with remembering the link without needing to look it up on Google but I did need to use Google to find the images of the trading room. Thus, I wouldn't know how good of a school it is but it must be better than schools that has no trading room/finance lab. :D

    More schools with trading rooms and competing in international trading competitions @ and

    I know you have a kid that's interested in the markets like I do.

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  6. Turveyd


    Doing good stuff and having fun, unlike most Billionaires that just try to make more for no reason at all.

    Definitely king of the nerds LOL
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    Yup. Missionary with the ability to be mercenary.
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  8. I post real trades every week at http://optionsinvesting.co.uk/trade130-week-ending-03may/
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    fundamentals do not change rapidly...at least not most of the time....to trade high frequency with fundamentals does not make any sense to me at least
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  10. gaussian


    I'm actually not sure how this is relevant to the forum but ok. As you can see, mentioning this caused some people on the forum to debate your merits on the fact you're female alone.

    HFT tends to rely on market microstructure. With fundamental analysis you're looking at taking months to years on an investment. Fundamental data rarely is an immediate shock to the market (except for say, earnings).

    What are you planning on hedging?
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