Looking for Elite Trading Mentor/Partners.

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    Last rocket landing on the ship, was quite close to the shore 1000s saw that, if your doubting that’s real?
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    Thanks alot wrbtrader! Hedge fund or other financial institutions would be interesting to work for. But with some of the past professional experiences in different fields (legal/management), I would have take a nearly 40% pay cut to start off as analysts/associates, and not to mention my relatively inadequate finance experiences compare to fresh young Ivy league grads majored in finance/econ. Besides the pay cut, I also could't envision myself working in a hedge fund for 10-20 years. This might sound naive and weird, but my current state of mind painted my future self as either a freelanced trader and a future mom, or I go all in with forming/joining a fintech start-up, some kind of long-term vision.

    Academic wise, besides business science in a mba joint program, years of interests in business books/information/research on the side, I did also obtained professional certificate in mergers and acquisition with new york institute of finance, and was in corporate finance program with UCLA. Had CFA preparation on my list of this year as well. But I've never heard any universities with trading rooms, except institutes like online trading schools. I'll research on it, thanks again!

    Nevertheless, after I've spotted my interest in trading, wanted to be a professional trader or at least trade to get through this year, until my compass is located.

    I am at an inflection point now, glad to found this platform and receive insights and help here, growing up I never had anyone around to guide or provide knowledge like you guys here. Much appreciated!
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    That is an understatement, the way how they are selling cars at a loss. Still, if he wants to change the future, they could try to make a under 25K car. Oh wait, energy density and such prevents them...
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    Your best shot is "Xela" the trading warrior princess. The secret to spot forex is the V O L U M E
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    A Cheap, Small City only Car Max speed 40mph, 60mile range would make sense, spend most of the time stationary so not using any energy unlike a normal car sat there idling, current cars are luxury segment, talking viable affordable 2nd car, saving your real car for distance driving.

    You could do above for 12K I'd bet.
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    No fund is going to hire a 35yo analyst without ibank experience. Yes, hedge funds sound fun!
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    This is offtopic here, so I will keep it short.

    Then why nobody (including Elon) is doing it? My take is that Americans just won't buy a car with less than at least a 100 miles range, and even that is just a glorified golf cart. But my point is, that is exactly what Tesla should be working on (a cheap, but highway worthy 150-200 miles range EV) if they actually want to change the world, instead of making luxury, government subsidizes cars for the riches.
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    I posted a detail list once many years ago of +100 universities in North America that have trading rooms including a list of Universities that compete in different types of international college competitons (UTC competitons) that also had a automated trading category.

    Off the top of my head are the folowing considering you mentioned you didn't know that universities had trading rooms/finance labs:

    Saint Joseph University @ https://sites.sju.edu/hsb-wstr/ (they use to have better photos of the inside of the trading room but you may be able to find them online in Google image search)

    Penn State (smeal school of business) @ http://www.smeal.psu.edu/traderoom

    Tulane University (they even have an energy blog) @ https://freeman.tulane.edu/energy-institute/trading

    List of Universities in the college competitions @ https://www.universitytradingchallenge.com/universities/ (you can use that list to then put the school name in Google to research more carefully about their trading room for students).

    For example, Drexel University is on the above list and if you then use Google to look up their trading room info...you'll find it @ https://www.lebow.drexel.edu/node/57283/all

    Hofstra University is on that list and their trading room @ https://www.hofstra.edu/academics/colleges/zarb/tradrm/index.html

    Penn State is on that list of universities @ https://www.smeal.psu.edu/traderoom

    Closer look via Google images of Penn State trading room @ https://www.google.com/search?q=Pen...-4fiAhVxmK0KHcdvClkQ_AUIDigB&biw=1016&bih=722

    More images on Pinterest @ https://www.pinterest.ca/risedisplay/university-finance-lab/

    The surprising thing I discover years ago in my research for a family member daughter trying to select the right graduate school...many of these graduate schools trading rooms/finance labs also are managing/trading a large portion of the University's endowment fund's...such as 10 - 50 million dollars of a multi-billion dollar endowment fund.

    That's a lot of faith these schools put in their graduate students to manage/trade 10 - 50 million dollars worth. Another name for these trading rooms are called "Finance Lab".


    I was more shocked to discover millions of dollars from those endowment funds were used by graduate students to manage/trade Bitcoins and some Bitcoins sites are slowly advertising such about the following schools...

    University of Michigan, Harvard, Stanford, MIT and many others.

    My point with the above, there's a ton of money out there in the markets by these schools in many different asset classes.

    Another well known competiton for Universities that you can gather names of colleges that would have a trading room/finance lab is from the Rotman International Trading Competition @ https://ritc.rotman.utoronto.ca/results.asp?n=1

    I'm not trying to send you back to college but the above info may be of interest by other ET members that are trying to decide on where to go for college and try to find a path into Wall Street, London or Asia financial hub or has a young teenager interested in the markets that has yet to decide upon what university to attend...I'm in the latter for my teenager...he's looking to go overseas to a university in the U.K. or France. :(

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    Thank you for your sincere and authentic reply, much appreciated. I do need a strategy developed, any suggestions on equity trading strategies? Because currently I only have very some simulation experience on equities and nearly zero on trading index futures. How many hours would you estimate for someone to learn from zero knowledge to navigate comfortably?
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    Falcon 9 launches Dragon for the 17th resupply mission to the ISS 2 days ago was super successful.
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