Looking for Elite Trading Mentor/Partners.

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    you will find that there are many experts here that will offer you tons of "good advice"..but none will post details of one single trade and explain to you why the trade was entered and exited at such a price!!

    you must remember that the world is full of people who daydream..have nothing better to do with their time than waste it posting silly and ridiculous things that do not really matter!!!

    if you want to learn about making some money in the markets..do a few simple things as follows..

    1. obtain capital
    2. set aside X amount to lose as learning tuition
    3. do not give a cent to anyone else except the trader you lose to
    4. pick a "good market" to risk your money in
    5. risk a reasonable amount on each trade..the % depending on the trading frequency..more trading less % risk per trade
    6. develop a strategy that is repeatable..not meaning pattern recognition
    7. learn what discipline really means by examining every trade you make and see why it went right..or wrong..you should discover that the main reason is "discipline"..as in trading..wrong is often right!!!!!!!

    look at the micro e-minis launching may 06 next..good way to learn about trading index futures without risking too much..the commission cost will more than likely be high compared to regular ES..it will not be 1/10 that is for sure..but for swingtrades or position trades the new micros will offer a very good opportunity for any serious person to learn about trading index futures
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    He doesnt patent his tech, free to use by anyone, he lands and reuses rockets dropping the cost of space flight massively, he’s a good billionaire.
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    With your background...why are you not trying to get a job on the professional side at an institutional trading firm instead of going retail ???

    In addition, why didn't you attend a university that had a trading room for its business/econ students or why not go to such at your age (back to school) while getting a post graduate degree ???

    There are +100 universities (some elite colleges) across North America with trading rooms for students with your background and they're not doing such to go retail.

    Simply, I do not know if you're still in contact with your former school as an alumni but most schools have guidance counselors that can guide you into the above including helping you to select that appropriate university for your post graduate studies and helping you to prepare for the entrance exams into post graduate studies.

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  4. 49/50 winning trades means zip. Trading equities? Why? Stuck in a belief about Tesla? That's just nasty.
    Avoiding options is like the anti-vaccine brigade. You avoid the only level playing field, where brains triumph over randomness
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    Hi Jim, thanks for the compliment! I just feel like there's so much to learn. Crypto futures are cool btw.
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    Wow, thank you for everything you've shared! I do have so much to learn. With decades of experiences is there a good equities trading platform/brokerage you'd recommend? I'm mainly focusing on equities now so brokerage like Oanda or Forex wouldn't apply to my learning for now. Thanks!
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    Thanks Turveyd, Elon is unstoppable for a good cause and value diffidently matters to me. I think its actually rational to invest in whatever this guy is doing, and that Warren Buffet is missing out on TSLA just like how he missed AMZN.
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    Hi Jack, since I'm in the very early stage of trading, freelanced type of professional teachings with premium charges might not be applicable for my current situation. I'm more of a phase I at this very moment, just need some basic directions to get my feet in the door first and test the water. I'd hope to get to phase II as soon as possible and I think what you refer to might actually be the level of phase III and beyond. I hope to get there asap someday.
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    His missions can tell that this guy's not in it for the money. Businesses need to be profitable to sustain, but I think a guy who gave out his patent for free to the world and other EV competitors is a missionary rather than mercenary.
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    Thanks to all! I’d like to ask if anyone saw those rockets land!

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