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    I just found this site today and I'm a newbie stepping into the trading zone. I've recently certified with Bloomberg Market Concepts and in the process to select a trading brokerage/platform. I have some experiences using Trading-view simulation account, made 49/50 profitable trades. My goal is to be a day trader equities focused, hopefully to move to swing and long-term in time.

    Equities are my main focus and I'm also learning macro-quant and python for data science and trading. Options, bonds, Forex, and commodities are not my learning priorities, but I'm open to learn and broaden my knowledge as well.

    I'm 34 yrs old Asian American female with a business science background (really digged finance & econ classes). My strategy is more fundamental focused as I like to stay current with Bloomberg news, crunchbase, seeking alpha, and etc. I usually spend a good amount of time daily to grab information on finance, econ, tech, and businesses related articles. Looking to be a high frequency day trader to optimal & max profit/loss via fundamental analysis rather than technical. Looking to gain some hedging experiences too (If you are a fan of Billions we'll have an extra topic to talk about!)

    People have similar interests/experiences/learning appetites are very welcomed to drop me a line, if you are:
    1) not a Tesla short-seller
    2) not a Tesla short-seller
    3) not a Tesla short-seller

    Happy to join the trading party here, let's paddle together. =)
  2. You already have 20 different accounts desterio, stop trolling
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    Seems like you dislike Tesla short seller.
    You need to serious decide if trading is suitable for you.
    Prerequisite for trading is neutral emotion,
    not leftist or rightist.

    anyway there are quite a few anti Tesla short sellers.
    so you can buddy buddy with them.
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    Hi Stockolio, what do you mean by 20 accounts and stop trolling?
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    Hi maxinger,
    Thanks for the recommendation. To be clear, I don't dislike Tesla short sellers. I just have very different vision with them, and thus different trading strategy. Since I'm seeking out for mentor/partners/friends, just wanted to lay it out first, I think visions are fundamental values and I'd like to stay close to similar minds.
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    49/50 profitable trades is impressive. Maybe you should be the mentor, not the mentee!
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    My experiences with female traders have been negative thus far, perhaps males think they are going to circle their prey cause of hormones when often times it is female to allow males to circle and then they go in for the kill. IMHO

    I started out as a fundamentalist/chartist and my first degree circled understanding the guts of financial statements and economy, however it was the 1980s when truth ended in USA, thereby I dropped the fundamentalist aspect. As far as using COT in commodities, my entries are often on right side of the commercials.

    @maxinger have said, "Prerequisite for trading is neutral emotion", I fully agree, and one reason of having automation.

    As far as shorting Tesla, 100% of my trades through automation scan symbols without any human interaction, short Tesla, but not longer term as in years. Been short since weekly/daily Head and Shoulders formed in December 2018 and system has added twice. I leaned on the side of conservative trading using hedging techniques I have developed. But as far as caring the "whys", my trading models were developed on back tested outcomes based on decades of data and not just one stock. Long term best years never has been better than 50%. I am not concerned with how much can be made but how low drawdowns can be had.

    Since data is generated most of the time by Forex dealers and one is trading against the dealer is like betting on horse races, all horses owned by racetrack and all the jockeys on salary with racetrack . If the 49/50 was done in Forex shows possibilities, any long time programming trader knows high percent systems generally won't work in real time or of more than months in Forex, you might have to adapt often. Simulations has limits and real time very different.

    Certification at Bloomberg Market Concept is watching 4 videos and taking a test? Very far from being accomplished.

    The forum gets like handful of requests each month/week for mentors, sounds nice in theory, but realistically, comes down to doing it yourself for years, as in 10,000 hours for most in screen time and this never ends. Time wise, with a mentor, you looking at couple of years if mentor really cares you do well, but most do not want to give this time away unless for family.


    Memorize the above like breathing and you might do well, also pre 2009 on ET has much better reading.

    Wish you well.
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    Mine differs, woman make better investors than men, less fear and greed less likely to fight the trend, much less of them aswell mind.

    So trading off Fundamentals not TA should suite them better.

    I also wouldn't short TSLA or anything to do with Musk as the guy is doing his best to make the world a better place, which is a rare thing these days.
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    SukI, Before you search for a mentor, ask yourself this question. Can you afford a good mentor? Good mentors several thousand dollars an hour.
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    I didn't say women make for bad traders, matter of fact I said "women go for the kill" toward many men, women lack for most part ego's.

    There are thousands of people who are trying to make the world a better place and they are not billionaires. He has 22.3 billion as of April 2019, he starts companies and sells them off in the past. Unless I missed something, he donates very small considering his net worth. You read the deal he has with Tesla? He made a dollar a year and stock options if the company gets to $650 billion, he'll get 20% ? And he no longer the chairman. His hand will be in anything that makes him more money as I see it to make the world a better place.
    Another guy who uses Tweeter too much.
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