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Discussion in 'Trading' started by LongView, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. I am considering moving my CTA/CPO to Chicago in the summer. Does anyone have any desk space available or know of anyone who has desk space available? I've talked to a couple people up there who will provide me with space, but they are both in brokerage offices where I have accounts set up. I am not sure if I want to trade from a brokerage.

    I have my own computers so that isn't an issue.

    Serious answers only please.
  2. Come on! Anyone? With all the great traders on this site there isn't one who has an open desk in Chicago?! :D I'm not loud, I'm not intrusive, as a matter of fact I probably wont even talk to you. All I want is four walls, a roof, a desk and a T-1 line. A chair would be nice too. I bring my own equipment. I'll even bring my own desk and chair, if I need to. I just want space for a good price.

    I'm still fairly small so I am not bringing a staff.

    I guess I may have to go the brokerage office route.

    Thanks for reading anyway.
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    I hate to break the news to you that 90% of the members here trade from there living room in Adidas tear away sweat pants!
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    Hey, mine are Nike's:D
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    I would adjust that figure to roughly 95-97%
  6. if are a member of any of the exchanges you can get an office in a clearing firm... that is if you are going to trade derivatives.

    i know fortis has some empty offices that you can use. they are in the cbot building
  7. Bro:

    You don't think I am aware of that? But that would make 10% who may have office space.

    Thanks for the update though. Appreciated!
  8. I think you may be in luck. I communicate with an individual in the Chicago area who trades in his automotive shop's office. Between oil changes and tune ups, he frequently trades size in the index products. I believe he is looking for some companionship in the office. You might fit the bill. Good day.
  9. If I take his space do I get free oil changes? What about rotate and balance?